Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Andy Goldsworthy in a Wedding Invitation

Years ago I saw a wonderful documentary about the English artist Andy Goldsworthy called Rivers and Tides. His work is breathtaking in the physical feats he accomplishes with raw materials he find in the wilderness: sticks, twigs, flowers, burned trees, rocks. He is the master of emphasizing the ephemeral moment in art — most of his work is meant to either be destroyed by natural erosion or the elements themselves. They sometimes last only seconds – although he captures their glory on film or in a photograph. His work inspired me to create a wedding invitation design in his honor. There are so many tired, saccharine designs in the wedding invitation world.  Our Feathers Suite, which references Goldsworthyesque birds feathers, leaves and drewdrops in a hand-illustrated style, seeks to appeal to couples wanting poetry not tradition in their wedding stationery. It felt apropos, given that weddings are such ephemeral flashes in time — I have never met a couple who says “my wedding went slowly.” As momentous as weddings are, they pass in a beautiful instant, like cotton candy on your tongue.

riverandtidesgold copy

vigilante_Feathers Standfoto RIVERS AND TIDES

goldsworthy_invite2 goldsworthy_invite goldsworthy_invite3




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