Thursday, February 27, 2014

Announcing Profiles in Vigilante Living

Profiles in Vigilante Living_TITLE_HEADER

If if you’re anything like me, you are known to go crazy in the Biography section of the bookstore. I’ve always found it a pleasurable and informative way to understand history, to rethink my own life decisions, to learn about far away cultures, and learn from others’ mistakes. It’s about time, I thought, that Vigilante Living feature regular posts about true civilian Vigilantes out in the world — individuals whose decisions and ways of living are truly unconventional — artful, considered yet a little wild, and most importantly, on their OWN terms — not those of society, cultural norms or traditions. I will be calling these posts Profiles in Vigilante Living. Look for a new one every two weeks or so. Teaser: our first post features a sexy Tennyson-quoting Napa Valley wine aficionado with a joie de vivre to match her passion for wine-making and wine-drinking. Bottom’s up, Vigilantes!

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