Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Custom wedding invitations by Vigilante Paper

danielle3One of my favorite things about being an illustrator is getting requests for custom wedding invitations from photographers for a shoot. When it’s custom, it can be an exercise in trial and error. But sometimes you just meet someone with your own design sensibility and the process is a complete joy. In the case of this Vincent VanGogh-inspired shoot, the photographer Danielle Woodall of¬†gave Vigilante Paper a palette and then set us free. What I love about Danielle’s photography is her embrace of the natural landscape — and capturing couples in the most graceful, unposed way possible. Her wedding photography avoids the ubiquitous shots that make me want to yak. No, Danielle’s gift is to see the light on a wooded hillside or a smile in the eyes of a subject and capture it — without a smidgeon of corny-ness. It’s been a pleasure working with her. While I went with the palette of VanGogh’s sunflowers, the end result is more kraft paper meets delicate white buds. In a world of floral overload in the wedding arena, this is a nice way to nod to tradition but works in a more autumnal mood. I also like the austere white invitation envelope, which, when opened offers a world of vibrant color.



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