Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hair rebellion in the form of a low bun

I have long coveted the Vigilante-ness of a low bun, or braid, parted in the middle a la Frida Kahlo. The revolutionary nature of this hairdo upon your life cannot be underestimated. Just imagine the time saved every morning! A low bun, parted in the middle, adds instant elegance to what clothes are bring worn — and stands is stark contrast to the ubiquitous Hollywood cheesefactory bedroom hairdos on every magazine cover. Some of my favorite contemporary middle-part wearers are Beatrix Ost and Olya Thompson (whom I went to college with and has always been stunning and original.) A certain ballerina crispness sets the wearer apart , and suggests confidence. Pulled back hair adds drama to clothing, begging the introduction of jewelry and flowers around the face, and elongates the neck. It’s pretty, in a dignified way.

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo

Ali MacGraw

Alexandra Kotur

Beatrix_Ost_Sunday Times

The amazing Beatrix Ost


Olya Thompson



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