Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to Not Be a Sissy

A Vigilante's Purse

Small rebellions can begin in the most common of places, like your bag. Of course most of us need a wallet to get by in society, and increasingly, a phone. However, the rest of the contents in your purse are entirely up to you. Vigilante Living encourages you to think outside your bag. Put something in there that you find amusing, or reminds you of your childhood, or is just plain old whimsical. Everyone is so busy these days that there is no room left over for a little poetic license or random nonsensical fun. Throw a surprise for yourself in your bag, so that months later you can rediscover it. Only sissys have practical purses. Life is too short. If there is not something ugly, perverse or a little inappropriate in your bag, you are not having enough fun.






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