Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Introducing SpitfireMom

spitfiremomThere is a Vigilante movement a-brewing of creative, entrepreneurial mothers who are balancing work, kids, self-expression and holding down the fort. These women now have an online home in the invention of SpitfireMom, a place for documenting, celebrating and growing as women, mothers and creative professionals.  As Co-founders Heidi Yarger and Julie Schumacher describe the Society, “At SpitfireMom, we’re all about the juggle and the hustle—that balance of being yourself, a creative, a mom, a friend, and a partner. Of meeting the needs of clients and kids. Of pursuing passions with relentless energy. Of taking time to prioritize yourself. Of getting it done, whether that’s a Pilates session or a strategy session. We feature fresh content for and by creative working moms who do things with style. Design, fashion, fitness, career, home, relationships, products, tips & tricks—it’s all here.” I like this movement. I think it’s important.

juggle and hustle

Check out the feature on the lauded photographer Elizabeth Messina, or how Rena Tom of Makeshift Society has been multi-tasking, or how to make a totally original “campfire” birthday party with designer and photographer Kelly Allison. I even wrote a piece on my experience in The Sandwhich – a reference to being caught in the Sandwhich Generation scenario between caring for little kids and ailing elderly parents all at once. Hint: my saving grace was to ADD something to my life (a business) — not to subtract anything important!

So my hat is off, WAY OFF to these dear friends of mine Heidi and Julie — for creating this community and making my journey feel like that of a killer posse of likeminded smart mothers.


rena tom

Rena Tom’s SpitfireMom feature was thought-provoking.

Kelly Allison

Photographer Kelly Allison’s feature on creating a camping-themed kids party was mega original and chic.

Sandwich Generation_spitfiremom

I wrote a piece on balancing family & work as a member of the Sandwich Generation.

Spitfiremom Society site.

Spitfiremom on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

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