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My Nathan Oliveira

White Woman, Lithograph 1967 is the piece I grew up with in my house. We're pretty sure it a portrait of my mother.

White Woman, Lithograph 1967 is a piece I grew up with in my house. We’re pretty sure its of my mother.

When you grow up with the work of a particular artist around your house, their art becomes a part of you. In my case, that person was the Northern California painter, sculptor, and printmaker Nathan Oliveira. Wherever we lived, the lithograph White Woman hung above our fireplace. The piece had significance to my family, as is was suspected to be a depiction of my mother, a San Francisco stage actress in 1960s San Francisco who was a founding member of the San Francisco Mime Troupe. Perhaps Oliveira had seen her in a performance? Regardless, the mystery of how this lithograph so resembled my mother was always of great intrigue. Later, when I went to college at Stanford University, Oliveira was a Professor in the Art Department and I’d go visit his shows. I felt a personal stake in his work; his work shaped my eyes from an early age.

My mother Anne-Marie. Her stage name was Mimi Carlile.

My mother Anne-Marie. Her stage name was Mimi Carlile.

Blue Head, Painting 1990

Blue Head, Oil on Canvas, 1990

Oliveira’s lithographs and other prints are superb (he was a member of San Francisco’s Crown Point Press) but his paintings are marvelous too. I love his command of color and the human form. And his references to shadows in his figures. He was lauded in his lifetime, having over 100 solo exhibitions, but I am surprised that he was not more famous. I adore his work for it’s subtle and quiet quality. His 2010 obituary included this statement form him, that made sense to me: “I’m not part of the avant-garde. I’m part of the garde that comes afterward, assimilates, consolidates, refines.” I agree with the last part especially: exceptionally refined.

Man with a Hat, Cane and Glove, Oil on Canvas 1961

Man with a Hat, Cane and Glove, Oil on Canvas, 1961

Nineteen twenty-nine, Oil on Canvas 1961.

Nineteen twenty-nine, Oil on Canvas, 1961.

Oil on Canvas

Nathan Oliveira 1928 - 2010.

Nathan Oliveira 1928 – 2010.

  1. Hooray! This is such great news. xo

  2. Don Smith says:

    I too lived with “The White Woman lithograph; I. too was his student of his at Stanford in printmaking and painting; I, too shared evenings and dinners with Mona and Nate.

    Now I need an appraised value for this print. Any help is welcome. For me, it’s priceless; for the estate the “tax man” needs a number.

    Best to all Nate fans and friends.

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