Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sayonara Sweatpants! Part 1

There is a glamorous elderly woman who takes her daily walks around my neighborhood in her ankle length fur coat and Ferragamo flats.  She belts the coat. She looks like an eighty-year-old Margot Tenenbaum. She briskly passes the blonde moms in their black yoga pants and sensible Nike sneakers, no less agile in her attire. One day driving past this remarkable woman, I rolled down my window and told her how chic she is. She acknowledged me with a small smile. I thought, “Damn straight: she knows she is fabulous!” This woman is 100% Vigilante Living. In honor of her, please repeat after me: “Sayonara Sweatpants!” Life is too short for those leggings and tired Patagonia fleece! I am determined to find something else in my closet more aligned with who I am. Sure, some days I may only be as creative as a pair of jeans. But Lord have Mercy, never again sweatpants. Are you with me, people?


Sayonara Sweatpants_Elderly Vigilante Woman_illustration

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