Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Cell Phone Albatross

the phone

The mobile phone is the albatross around the neck of modern man. Our lives are dictated by the ring ring, buzz buzz of these insipid devices that keep up supposedly feeling safer, more connected to others, and more informed about our work. But there is such a price to pay — there is a price to pay in feeling truly independent of machines. I found this old picture of my mother. It’s taken in the mid 1960s, and she is using a phone to do something critical. I know this because this picture is taken at her wedding — so it must have been important. She presumably hung it up and walked away from technology to resume her life. I long for a life where I can practice the art of living with less reliance on machines and gadgets. Ironists out there might say “charming that you are announcing this on your blog!” but the immediacy of the cell phone is far more disturbing to life’s natural patterns and sounds than a computer (which you typically go to, rather than wear on your person.) I am not sure what this post is about really, other than to say that this photo moves me — and makes me nostalgic for the time not so long ago when the phone only rang when you were indoors. In a room with a jack. And I am trying to sort out a way to live less with my albatross. Please share if you have any ideas in how to let go, fellow Vigilantes.

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