Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Importance of Collecting

Throughout my twenties in San Francisco, I collected all my Muni metro passes. Someone at the Municipal Transportation Agency knew their color theory — each card featured two great colors with a metallic stripe down the center: individually the cards were pretty appealing, but en mass, I discovered they made for a marvelous sight. So I framed them. Likewise, any simple mundane thing in your life can become an impressive collection. Your collections certainly do not need to be expensive antiques or objet d’art. Just think of your favorite stuff: do you love 1980s OP shorts? Start collecting them! Are you a obsessed with old glass Coke bottles? Go for it. The point is that your interests, as quirky as they are, are worth pursuing and manifesting in your house. There is nothing more boring than a house styled like a Pottery Barn catalog with matchy matchy fabrics and no sense of personality. Go forth and present your personality  in your home — in the form of what you collect. You’ll be amazed at how much color and life your collection will breathe into your house.

muni cards_the_importance_of_collecting

My San Francisco Muni pass collection.

ribbon_tin collection

A typewriter ribbon tin collection.

typewriter collection

Typewriter collection



Andy Spade_oval Pictures collection

Andy Spade’s oval picture frame collection.

star-wars_action Figures collection

Star Wars Action Figures collection

David Hicks_tabletop collection

David Hicks’ tabletop collection


International coke bottle collection




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