Thursday, May 23, 2013

To Be Nobody but Yourself


One of the most challenging things to practice is to listen to your inner voice. There are innumerable obstacles to doing so. Everyone has them. Drowning out your voice you might hear the insistent tone of your mother telling you what to do. Or the voices of your peers in your head whispering “don’t buck the group!” Or the judgmental tone of magazines or self-help books or religious texts or whatever authority coats your decisions in layers of doubt. What if you acted on your own inner instincts in your choice of career, clothing, home, life partner, hobbies, passions, by trusting your wild imagination? Vigilante Living believes that you are innately special, and you should be true to yourself. (We agree with Mr. Rogers!) Nobody in the world has exactly your perspective. By ignoring the others and listening to your voice, you will find great satisfaction. As e.e. cummings suggests, however, this is not easily accomplished. It’s human nature to want to fit in — but I am here to suggest that fitting in might not be all that satisfying in the end. It might be even more thrilling to follow where your inner voice leads you to be in this world. ¬†Cummings suggests that following your gut is a kind of honesty with the world that could be described as divine.

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