Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What Would Lou Lou Do?

For those mornings when we all waste valuable time standing at our closets baffled at what to wear,  here is a Vigilante solution: ask yourself “what would Lou Lou do?”  Lou Lou, of course, refers to the late Lou Lou de la Falaise who was Yves Saint Laurent’s irreverent (and elegant) Parisian muse and design collaborator throughout 1970s and 1980s. I’m not a fashion expert or historian, but photographs of Lou Lou speak volumes about her joy in adorning herself, and her moxy in pulling off fantastical and sometimes bizarre ensembles that pleased her unique sensibility. Lou Lou meshed bohemian, classical, tomboy and whimsical influences in a light and celebratory way.  Vigilante Living applauds this kind of verve — the taking of risks in small but significant ways — all the while not taking your self too seriously. It’s obvious that while Lou Lou was an insider in the fashion world, she did her own thing. She appeals to me immensely for her spritely and mischievous sense of style. So pull out that marvelous thing that just sits there in your wardrobe, wear it like you are a child playing dress up, and enjoy the fact that you are alive and a free agent!


Lou Lou in her wedding dress (by Yves Saint Laurent), turbaned with layers of fantastical necklaces.

lou lou de la falaise-YSL-1970-lgn

Lou Lou in 1970 Bazaar magazine in a cloud of loud pattern..


How contemporary this looks! Lou Lou with fringe and many necklaces, in the 1970s .

Loulou CR1

Lou Lou in a magnificent tiny hat.


Rocking the turban.


Lou Lou was a model but really invented her own type of unconventional beauty.


Lou Lou in Yves Sain Laurent. (How I love the shoes!)

lou 2

I wonder if the turban was a clever way of not having to do her hair?


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